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Inspiring Innovation, Transforming India Together
At LEADSPIRE, we believe in building a progressive India today for a better tomorrow.
We at LeadSpire are passionate about the innovative transformation that can lay the pathway for infinite possibilities for the nation's growth. With the collaboration of the public and government sectors, we leverage rigorous frameworks and conduct high-intensity research and development. We not only anticipate future trends but also evaluate their potential and harness them responsibly. By leveraging the latest technology and strategic thinking, we eliminate the gaps within the economy and develop forward-looking solutions.
Let's connect to the world where beliefs, empathy, innovation, and economy, together, bring meaningful differences to people's lives.
Our purpose is "Building Tomorrow's India".
Our values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave.
We comes from a deeply rooted Indian culture & value system, which governs our action and determine our success.
Act with integrity

We build and nurture trust by delivering exceptional service, sector-specific expertise, and tangible positive outcomes for our stakeholders.

Creating Impact

Our team is committed to driving positive change and transforming beliefs into action, to create an impact for mankind.

Effective Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaborative knowledge. We partner with bold leaders & stakeholders at every step to shape a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Courageous Innovation

We encourage a culture of innovation by harnessing collective knowledge to drive positive change and shape a brighter future.

Cultural Understanding

Our deeply rooted cultural values let us better understand the challenges across Indian demographics and also cater to the needs of our stakeholders.

Our Leadership
Meet our leaders, who team up to transform visions into action for a progressive nation.
Vishesh Saini

Senior Partner

Yogesh Gupta


Mohtashim Khan

Senior Director

Manoj Nair

Senior Director - Product/Solution Development

Brajesh Rathi

Senior Director - Human Resources

Amitav Sarkar

Senior Director – Technology Solutions

Kamaljeet Sengupta

Director Training and Quality

Kevin Paul Reddy

Director Content Development


Want to seize the opportunity to reshape India's future, or are you just waiting for opportunities to knock on your door?

How we work
Our focus is on accelerating progress, fostering sustainability, and nurturing a brighter tomorrow for our nation. We work in collaboration with the government's key stakeholders by stepping to the forefront of mission-critical challenges and providing tangible outcomes.

Need-Gap Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive need-gap analysis to identify the prevailing challenges based on various socio-economic factors faced by the government. Our industry-specific expertise, along with our sense of the Indian cultural system, helps identify the economic gaps that demand effective solutions.


Extensive Research

We gather actionable insights & data facts from the groundwork research in the Indian government sector done by our R&D team. An in-depth understanding of the prevailing Indian government schemes, policies, & regulations enables Leadspire to provide up-to-date recommendations & solutions.


Identifying Key Stakeholders

At LeadSpire, we understand the essence of engaging with key stakeholders like local communities and NGOs, which are beyond government officials. This enables us to gather a 360-degree perspective of prevailing solutions and recommend solutions while preserving their best interests.


Designing Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are crafted to address the specific needs of the Indian government, aligning with national priorities such as education for all, training & skill development, healthcare, and livelihood improvement. With our deep expertise in the country's socio-cultural diversity and diverse demographics, we aim for nationwide development.


Implementing Methodology

Our approach and methodology are customized to suit the public sector & government policies, their landscape, and local dynamics. This enables us to navigate the intricacies of the country's government system and implement solutions that drive positive outcomes.


Crafting Comprehensive Proposals

Our proposals are specifically crafted to address the goals and cater to the needs of the government, emphasizing empathy, local understanding, and a commitment to build a better future for Indian citizens. We also run pilot projects to ensure adaptability and scalability within the Indian context.

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